Many restaurants have certain nights of the week where, for a set price, you can choose a number of items off of the menu, usually 4 but sometimes 5. Normally known as banquet nights.


There will be items that are omitted from the deal, the more expensive ones, like king prawn meals, but its normally good value and you shouldn't have to pay much more than £10.

The curry club would recommend the ones listed here for quality, service and value for money:


Golden Curry

As at April 2013 - Sundays and Thursdays - special banquet nights


Ganges Lounge

As at November 2013 - Wednesdays (Ganges Night) - 5 courses for £9.95.


Rose of India

For 2013 - Mondays and Thursdays - 5 course meal, all for £9.95. Tuesdays and Wednesdays - 4 course meal for £8.95.


Raj Douth

For 2013 - Wednesdays - Starter, Rice or Nan, Main course and Vegatable side for £9.95.