Bekash Review - June 2014



Located on Stony High Street, in a town with lots of competition, the Bekash remains an attractive option. It has been around a long time for a reason.

Very friendly staff and excellent service in a comfortable restaurant with a very good atmosphere, helped by being pretty busy on the evening we visited.

A couple of our members visit quite regularly but unfortunately selected something different from the menu and were disappointed, which pulled down the score. The rest of us were very satisfied and would definitely recommend a visit.


Summary - A good 'all round' restaurant. Some of the best service we have experienced.

Common Curry - A little above average prices

Certificate - None awarded

Web site - http://www.bekash.com


Other Comments


  • Prawn puree very tasty, good kick
  • Sheekh kebab, large portion and great flavour
  • Garlic mushrooms - simply that, a tasty 'orange' sauce
  • Lamb korai jalfrezi, well spiced, soft meat although not 'melt in your mouth'
  • Naga lamb very good
  • Chicken chilli masala very good
  • Kashari chicken, a large dish, enough for two, with plenty of potatoe
  • The nan is special
  • All vegatable sides were good


  • Spicy minced potatoe starter - no potatoe
  • Paneer chilli - not a good choice main course




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