Cafe Balti Review - May 2015




Friday 29th May saw MKCC return to Café Balti in Wolverton. Eight of us met in the Great Western for a couple of quaffs before the short walk around the block to the restaurant.

We went straight to our table in a pleasantly appointed surroundings, and the staff got on with the business of supplying poppadoms and drinks. Pickles were plentiful with a nice red-coloured onion pickle with a bit bite to it and a good mixed pickle (similar to lime pickle).The menu is pretty standard for MK Bangladeshi restaurants - that is not a criticism. Starters were well-priced, prawn puree for less that £3 was the most popular. The puree was well-received and there was plenty of filling. The manager also brought a couple of bowls of samples of new dishes on the menu. One contained what we thought we dried broad beans, which having been cooked, were partially rehydrated - a bit different and very nice. A couple of the guys went for this as a main course. I chose the lamb dansak. There were very few negative comments about the food - the odd bit of less than tender lamb being the only one I remember. My lamb was fine, but I still have all my own teeth. An enjoyable evening, good value food in a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin restaurant. Richard B did have the lamb balti. I tried a bit. Not even close.


review by Judge Balti.


Common Curry - Very good value.

Certificate - No certificate awarded.

Web site - www.cafebalti.co.uk


Other Comments


  • Good service, tried vary hard to please
  • Toilets and restaurant clean
  • Bangla beer available
  • Nice poppadums
  • Chicken Pathia very nice


  • Aloo tikki + chick peas started, sauce too thick
  • Assorted vegatable pakora and samasa starters, only average
  • Lamb dishes, not tender enough











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