Every year the best restaurants visited are presented with a certificate. The certificate states that a restaurant has reached a level, according to the MK Curry Club review criteria, that means we would recommend it.


The maximum score that can be reached is 30. The level of score required to receive a certificate is has been raised in 2013, by 1 point, due to the general increase in food quality and standards. The certificate 'score ranges' are listed below:


3 star - 22.0 to 23.4

4 star - 23.5 to 24.9

5 star - 25 or greater


Note that you should check the 'common curry' for Value For Money because the score represents the food quality, service and general quality of the restaurant, i.e. A 5 star restaurant could be the most expensive and therefore not necessarily represent the best value for money.


Certificates awarded in 2018:

3 star - Kakori - New


Certificates awarded in 2017:

5 star -

4 star - Bollywood Junction - New, now with a bar, different

3 star - Rose of India - Old favourite

3 star - Calcutta Brasserie - A grand place


Certificates awarded in 2016:

5 star - Himalaya - Even better than in 2014. Food excellent in every way.

5 star - Maaya - New and very good

5 star - Jaipur - Top standard once again


Certificates awarded in 2015:

3 star - Mysore Spice - Closed

3 star - Spice Village - Good quality in a good atmosphere