DinajpurReview - April 2014


Always a bad start when you have booked in advance yet have to wait because your table isn’t ready. Although the staff were very friendly this didn’t make up for slow service throughout the evening - more a problem in the kitchen of course rather then that of the waiters.

Overall, the starters were very good. When you are waiting so long, hearing “more drinks” as opposed to “here’s your main course”, you tend to lose your appetite. These were very generous for those that were still hungry.

They need to ‘up their game’ with good competition close by.


Summary - Starters good but service was poor and mains were below par.

Common Curry -  Average prices.

Certificate - None awarded

Web site - www.dinajpurmk.com


Other Comments


  • Rashmi kebab, special order, very good, fresh and light omlette
  • Naans good
  • Lamb dansak very nice
  • Garlic rice good
  • Excellent tandoori lamb chops starter
  • Nice Dinajpur delight (salmon) starter
  • Very tasty prawn savoury starter


  • 25 minutes late for table, gone 10pm for main course, no change from 2 years ago
  • Mixed kebab, a bit salty and only 1 prawn to share
  • Onion bhajee too crispy
  • Small samosa starter
  • Shabzi sizzler - half courgette, 1 tomato, 1 pepper, onion - poor value vegatable main
  • Lahore special, menu said hot but medium
  • Lamb Tikka bhuna, tough lamb
  • Murgh Sabsi Bahar, chicken ok but with mountains of onion
  • Bombay aloo - bland
  • Unclean toilet, no soap, tiles missing



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