Eastern Paradise Review - April 2017




Usual meet at 1930 at The North Western. Good Directors and other drinks. A small group due to bank holidays causing a late re-arrangement, five go for a curry in Wolverton.

Shown to a nice table on time, to a fairly full restaurant. The reason became clear in that they do banquet on Friday! £15 for the classic five. Kingfisher and Cobra on draught. We had to have poppadums to retain that authentic review feel. These were served with a fairly standard selection of pickles.

I choose Bengal fish to start, which was tastey and made a bit of a change. Lal Mas for main – the good points were the lamb, which was beautifully cooked. The disappointment – with 2 chilies shown on the menu, I was hoping for that classic Lal Mas – but it just wasn’t hot enough. If a dish has no chilies marked, it must be negative hot. The dish was flavoursome, as were all the rice, veg dishes and naan.

The outstanding point was the service – they knew who we were, but nonetheless, well done to the staff. Would I visit again? If in Wolverton, yes, while mentioning to the staff when ordering, that if I order a hot curry, I expect a hot curry.

Judge Balti

Summary - Worth a visit


Common Curry - Good value.

Certificate - None awarded

Web site - http://www.easternparadise.co.uk


Other Comments


  • Excellent service
  • Well cooked lamb


  • No spice to the Puri - mentioned to waiter but he didn't seem interested
  • Main meals were not hot (spicy) as ordered




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