Himalaya Review - January 2016


A full restaurant when we arrived, a little earlier than booked, no problem, our table was waiting ready for us.

Quite a large area with plenty of good noises and empty plates. An open kitchen, see gallery, that is to say you can see the chefs cooking through glass partitions, great concept. The chefs popped their heads out when we had finished our meals and we were more than happy to congratulate them on 'all round' superb food.

A fine choice of beers, including Ghurka, offered by an attentive staff and a manager that cared what we thought about his restauarant.

We all had our fill, especially with the large starters, with more 'doggy bags' taken home than ever before.


Summary - Popular restaurant, very good value, well worth a visit.


Common Curry - At the expensive end but hasn't changed by one penny since 2014.

Certificate - ***** 5 star certificate - a rare occurence these days, with our high certificate scoring ranges, especially with a large turnout from the club.

Web site - http://himalayafinedining.co.uk/


Other Comments


  • Poppodoms were nice and fresk but dips were only average.
  • Very large starters, all good.
  • Very tasty Lamb Katmando
  • Excellent Chicken Tikks Korai Massala


  • One toilet for gents, not very convenient.
  • No indication of spice strength on the menu, presumambly you can ask according to your taste preference.





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