Little India Review - October 2015




Our first visit to Little India, which is actually the Indian element, of a Thai restaurant called Blue Orchid. Located slightly outside the MK boundary in Aspley Guise, a short distance from Woburn Sands. The village pub is handily located on the opposite side of the road.


A large restaurant, all with the Thai theme, with two menus to choose from, of course, we were here for the Indian, no matter how good the Thai looked and it did look good, along with positive comments from other customers. Clearly a popular place as it was full, pretty good considering its much larger than most places we frequent.


We were seated, after a short wait, at the back corner of the restaurant, ok, but a bit claustrophobic and a strange smell, initially, of dog? Perhaps it was a dog or we are not used to the smell of Thai food (nothing being implied here), as I said earlier, we were getting nothing but good reports.


Service was very prompt from both waiters and waitresses, a pleasant change to see females when eating curry, all dressed traditionally. Unfortunately the main course took over one and half hours from when we first sat down, this let it down badly, especially as I had to wait longer still while everyone else was eating. I think they forgot mine?


I also must have chosen poorly as my lamb chop starter was a bit chewy and lacked any flavour, although well presented. The rest of the gang, however, were all very pleased with their choices. I so wish I had gone for the prawns which were large and looked deliceous, I was informed they were, very spicy. The members were also pleased with their main courses but, as I said, I had to wait too long for mine and I think it was rushed. I had Tawa Chicken, boiling hot, was it microwaved? It also had a thin sauce, faily tasteless and the chicken had not marinated well.


Summary - Would we go back? Definitely yes and also a good place to take your partner that has a good atmosphere (music was poor though, when it came on). In general, the food was not as spicy as we are used to.


Web Master

Common Curry - A little above average but most likely worth it.

Certificate - No certificate awarded.

Web site - www.blueorchidrestaurant.co.uk


Other Comments


  • Cramped at the table, in a corner
  • Good pickles and replenished when required
  • Prawn 65 starter, pretty hot
  • Chicken 65 very good, would have again
  • Lamb dishes were very tender


  • Plain poppodums were a little soft
  • Onoin bhaji well presented but plain tasting and a bit oily
  • Chicken Jalfrezi not spicy
  • Lamb Rajastani not very spicy















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