Megna Review - March 2016




Our first visit to Old Stratford and we were hoping for good things.

Nice welcome to a restaurant that was less than half full. The service went down hill from here on. Had to ask to order starters. Waited almost an hour for them to arrive when they did they were not hot. We guess they were sitting around waiting for someone to serve them?

Mains were also slow and less than average. This was the longest time we have ever had to be at a restaurant. Will they never learn that it doesn't pay in the long run if they think they will sell another beer or two.

Some other comments were also less than complimentary. Always a shame as we really do want them to perform so we can compliment them


Summary - Reasonable if this was you local but would you go out of your way to visit? Unlikely in our opinion.


Common Curry - A very good price but you usually get what you pay for.

Certificate - no certificate awarded.

Web site - http://www.megnarestaurant.com/


Other Comments


  • Nice welcome, initial appearance good
  • Decent dip selection
  • Keema nan very good
  • Very clean toilets


  • Long wait for starters, all cool
  • Below average starters
  • Deadish atmosphere




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