Mysore Spice Review - March 2015




A slightly newer name, added the 'spice' on the end, but little obvious difference in the decor since our last visit.


A slightly unpleasant smell on entering the restaurant which should be rectified.


Service was excellent, all meals were well received and were large portions.


The place was empty by 9:30 but was busier early on.


Common Curry - Good value.

Certificate - 3 star certificate awarded.

Web site - www.mysorespice.co.uk

Summary - Excellent service, good standard of food on all the dishes we ordered.


Other Comments


  • Drinks came quickly and order taken promptly. Quick service throughout
  • Table heaters and nice clean cutlery
  • Very well laid out menu, easy to read with good indicators on strength, etc
  • Pura salmon, perfect, top marks starter
  • Bhindi bhaji - the best
  • Hari Mirchi Bhuna, plenty of heat, especially at the bottom of the dish
  • Balti Lamb Masala, very good
  • Lovely Chicken Korai, albeit with too much onion, large pieces of white meat, well spiced


  • Sheek kebab starter a little dry
  • Nice firm garlic mushroom starter but a bit tasteless
  • Nan bread was only average, plain and keema
  • The restaurant was very quiet for a Friday night
  • Background music a bit random, a bit of 80's thrown in
  • Been refurbished recently but the walls and lighting nothing special
  • Nothing spent on improving the toilet facilities









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