Naidni Review - March 2014


Friday, 28th March  took a small group of us to Naidni in Stony Stratford. This was the first time we’ve been there for a couple of years. We met in the Plough as usual and took on some refreshment.

We were welcomed in the restaurant by the manager and his staff and shown promptly to an appropriately sized round table, near the back, next to the other two diners. There are 35 covers in the restaurant and plenty of competition, so maybe things aren’t going so well with the recovery in Stony.

Muj came to chat to us about business, other restaurants and what we’ve been up to. He’s known us for a few years in a few restaurants. He was pleased to offer some “off-piste” dishes to our personal taste, recognising that this is something which the competition will do these days. However we felt in a piste frame of mind. Naidni does have a good range of dishes on their menu, and the best range of vegetarian starters seen for a long time.

Poppadums and drinks orders were taken promptly, and starters then main course, ensuring no long intervals through the evening. Poppadums were served with three pickles as standard, the red one being popular around the table. Lime pickle was also requested and duly delivered.

Starters arrived in a timely fashion, with good lamb chops, good prawn puree and reshmi kebab.

Main courses followed, The menu has a chilli rating, i.e. zero for mild, then one/two/three chillies for progressively hotter dishes. We are, on the whole, a two chilli sort of crowd. I had a jalfrezi, which was of course adequately hot due to the veg content. However the others in the group all felt a little hard done by on the heat front, the chairman’s lamb madras being a prime example. This was mentioned to Muj who took it on-board – if you have a rating system, deliver on it.  Rice, vegetable dishes and bread were all of a good standard, the chairman perked-up by an “outstanding” keema naan.

If someone told me they were going to the Naidni, I’d tell them they should get a good meal.

Judge Balti

Common Curry -  In the middle of range encountered in-and-around MK, good value for the money.

Certificate - None awarded

Web site - www.naidniindian.co.uk


Other Comments


  • Good pops and pickles
  • Traditional music
  • Large, light and hot rashmi kebab
  • Red kidney bean starter, tasty, different and welcome
  • Lamb Madras, good 'after heat' but slightly chewy
  • Outstanding keema nan


  • Restaurant virtually empty on the evening of our visit
  • Lamb Bhuna and Chicken Rogan, not 'two chillies' as per menu, very mild
  • Balti cauliflower aloo mushroom bhuna, flavour but not very hot



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