Papa Js Review - April 2015




A new restaurant to review – always a bit exciting! A turnout of 7 members and we met at the Nut & Squirrel pub in Westcroft which sells a few half decent real ales. The only problem I ever observe in here on a Friday night is that there is a lack of bar staff to serve the patrons, which can involve a wait up to 10 minutes. Discussion ensued about the MK Dons chances of automatic promotion and also a look ahead to this year’s away trip to Manchester and who was going to take responsibility for the agenda, the hotel, etc.


At 8:20pm some of us partook in the short walk to Oxley Park and Papa J’s restaurant. This has had many guises over the past few years as a Thai restaurant and more recently Zinga’s Indian restaurant. We were all quite excited by this as it was a new restaurant on our list and the reviews on trip advisor were very good. The other excitement was that it was an Indian Tapas Restaurant, which is fairly new to us. The owners run a similar restaurant in Luton.


Anyway, all were seated and given some menus. We asked the manager to explain the philosophy of Indian Tapas. He suggested masala popadums and a spicy peanut dish to start with which went down well, then he suggested 6 Tapas that would be enough as a starter for all of us. There was a couple of chicken dishes (one I remember as chicken 65) a chilli lamb dish, a chilli paneer, fish Amritsari and chilli garlic mogo (a kind of parsnip, but not sweet). All were of a good quality, taste and quantity and everyone enjoyed them.


There seemed to be a long wait between starters and main, of which we had ordered only 3 mains (lamb curry on the bone, Chicken Chettinadu and Tilapia Fish Masala) 2 rice (Jeera and Egg Fried), and 2 naan (plain and cheese garlic). Again, all were of good quality and flavour – although some of us would have preferred some spicier dishes, and some more dishes. But generally we went away fairly satisfied.


Overall I really like this restaurant for “something different” in Indian style, although I do still prefer the more traditional one’s that won’t keep me from visiting Papa J’s now and again.


Oh, and of course, the Dons got automatic promotion to the Championship.



Summary - A different meal from the normal fare. Very good quality across all dishes. Not a lads curry night.


Common Curry - At the expensive end of the table.

Certificate - 3 start certificate awarded.

Web site - http://www.papajs.co.uk


Other Comments


  • Good to have gluten free options
  • Staff and manager were very informative and helpful
  • Excellent selection of tapas (like a main course)
  • Fish curry is not that common, but would try it here


  • Several dishes quite sugary
  • Had some dishes which were more spicey Chinese yhan curry










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