Spice Hut Review - January 2015




So, MKCC’s first 2015 curry club meeting at the Spice Hut in Deanshanger. Not quite sure where Deanshanger was but we found the Beehive pub. Very warm and friendly, even though there was an AK-47 and other firearms mounted on the wall. Kept Dave happy though! To the restaurant.


On arriving at the restaurant it looks like you’re pulling in to a petrol station forecourt. But once inside it all changes. One of the best looking Indian restaurants I’ve been to. Very impressed with the decor and the ambiance and there were plenty of people eating when we arrived. Even more impressed when the waiter said we get a free bottle of wine for a booking of 4 or more. In hind sight we should have booked two tables of 4 rather than one table of eight.


It was nice to see an Indian beer (Cobra) on draught as well as large bottles of Bangla. Plenty to choose from the easy to read menu. I had Onion Bahjee for starters, very good, probably 9 out of 10. The other starters seemed to go down equally well. I had two main courses (shared). The first was Garlic Chilli Chicken Massala (2 chilli rating) and the second was Lamb Jaal Sylhet (3 chilli rating out of 3). The portion sizes and presentation of all the food was spot on, I couldn’t fault it.


Both dishes were extremely tasty and in terms of their chilli rating bang on. Heat wise The Chilli Massala was similar to a Jalfrezi and the Jaal Sylhet similar to a hot madras. The side dishes, rices and breads were all very good and I think the general opinion was again very good.


The only slight negatives from me was that the meats in my dishes (chicken & lamb) were a bit too tough particularly the lamb which I found was quite chewy and there was a bit of a wait for the main course.


However that said I would definitely go back. The staff were very friendly and helpful, the ambiance was one of the best I’ve seen, the food was very tasty, good size portions and very well presented.

Prices were good, I was expecting to pay more than we did.


I am looking forward to going back soon and if they can address the meat tenderness then I would certainly put this restaurant in my top three.

The Treasurer


Common Curry - Average prices

Certificate - no certificate awarded

Web site - http://www.spicehutmk.com

Summary - Very attentive service and pleasant staff. Bit of an 'out of the way' location but well worth a visit.


Other Comments


  • Efficient and good natured staff
  • Mixed platter starter, very good
  • Hot and tasty rashmi kebab
  • Meat on the menu, this was beef, yes, beef
  • Rice and veggies good
  • Location not convenient but very nice inside


  • Lamb tikka starter, a little plain
  • Fish starter, bit of a 'dud'
  • Lamb Green masala, sharp, too vinegary
  • Lamb generally tikka, needs chewing







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