The Don Review - August 2015




We had a good club turnout for our visit to The Don which is situated by CMK railway station.  This is the third incarnation of an Indian restaurant on the site following on from the well-regarded La Hind (and the original location of the Jaipur).


Whilst the location is good and well known the restaurant itself is quite minimalist with very few soft furnishings.  Not everyone will mourn the passing of La Hind’s pink velvet curtains and swooshes (is that really a word?) but the lack of any soft materials makes the sound bounce around a lot.  Unusually, the place was very quiet for an end of the month payday Friday – probably the bank holiday weekend effect – so it was not too noisy on our visit but having eaten here previously when the place was busier I have found the noise levels intrusive.


The old fountain has gone as well which is probably for the best.  The tinkling noise used to induce many visits to the Gents from older club members and this would have been difficult to accommodate in The Don given that the urinal has yet to be installed.


However, all of this is incidental – we were mainly there to sample the food.  Even though it has only been open three weeks the quality of the food was to a very high standard.  Comments such as ‘the best prawn puree I’ve ever tasted’ do not pass the lips of Judge Balti easily.  There was close to universal acclaim for all of the dishes (my favourite is the Mishti Khodu pumpkin side) with soft lamb, tasty spices and – for those that wanted it – enough chilli to guarantee a second chance feel the heat from a different perspective the next day.  Detailed comments are summarised on the individual reviews but The Don serves really good food and is well worth a visit.


Common Curry - Slightly higher than average price.

Certificate - 3 star awarded.

Web site - http://www.thedonindian.co.uk/

Summary - food very good, attentive staff (although reluctant to bring us the bill when asked, something I had experienced before) just needs some finishing touches to the furnishings and facilities.  All in all a very good place to go for Bangladeshi cuisine adapted to the British taste and definitely worth a repeat visit.



Other Comments


  • Very friendly, great service, want to make a good first impression
  • Nice decor, much better than the previous one
  • Good menu, well laid out and informative
  • Good pops and pickles, especially the red onion
  • Onion bhajee, three balls, very tasty
  • Malai Chicken, mild buttery taste, very good
  • Lamb very soft and tasty - top lamb chops
  • Prawn puree, some flavour and 'kick'
  • Different 'veggie' options to choose from, Hara jhool hot as promised
  • Jhall chicken, tasty, very hot as indicated


  • Non authentic ambient music (personal preference)
  • Toilets upstairs, difficult for some and not finished building yet
  • Not too busy for a Friday but still very new
  • Rice and veggies, small portions
  • Chicken tikka dhansak, too spicey for this dish
  • Lamb pathia, maybe too sweet














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