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Urban Dhaba Review - July 2018




Pre drinks at The Barn (the Beefeater), never again, Friday night and no beer. Plenty of lager but a pub with no beer, bad management can be the only answer.

Our first visit to Urban Dhaba, another relatively new restaurant adding to the list of proper Indian restaurants, a current trend in MK which we are in favour of. This was confirmed by the customers on the evening, where the majority were Asian.

We ordered a selection of starters as one each is too much for our appetite. Very good, different, interesting and spicy. This included Chicken 65, Chilli Paneer, Punjabi Samosa Chaat and Mutton Chukka.

A good selection of mains on the menu, all of which can be spiced to your choice.

The staff deserve a special mention, efficient and fun.



Common Curry - Several items not available on the menu that are part of the Common Curry list. Best effort on prices applied, it is at the more expensive end though.

Certificate -  A 3 star certificate awarded.

Web site - http://www.urbandhaba.co.uk/

Summary - Recommended that you give it a try.



Other Comments


  • Authentic music
  • All the food was good, with spice and flavour
  • Fab lamb/mince combo
  • Gongura mutton, contains sorrel, tasty on-the-bone
  • Gosht mains, spicy and tasty
  • Excellent staff and service
  • Very clean, including restroom


  • Good to encourage families but you dont want the restaurant to be a playground when you are eating