Review Criteria

Review Criteria

With the change in committee for 2009, the review criteria has been modified slightly, from the original committee’s criteria set in November 2001, but this will still form the basis of the restaurant review.

The original constitution, that all members must abide by, remains in place.

It is worth noting here, however, that that way in which scoring is done has changed quite radically in 2009. Much more emphasis is being placed on the food, measuring starter, main course and supplements as three separate scores. Location has been combined with Ambience. Value for Money has been dropped from the scoring and replaced by a more accurate assessment in an enhanced Common Curry.

The score total remains at a maximum of 30. The criteria is:

Food – Starter

Are there any different starters from the normal list?

Are the starters prepared in the kitchen or cooked from the freezer?

Food – Main Course

Is the food well presented and kept warm with table heaters?

Is there a large range of items on the menu and does anything special stand out?

Does the menu clearly show how spicy a dish is? Can you get a dish that is more or less spicy than indicated?

Food – Bread/Rice/Veggies

Will the restaurant provide something that is not on the menu?


Are staff sufficiently attentive without being too keen. A sense of humour is also essential.


Are the facilities clean? Will the staff let you see the kitchen?

Would you want to bring your partner along another time.


Is the curry house pleasantly sited? Does it site nicely in its surroundings? What about the proximity to pubs? Car parking ?

Ambience covers a range of things such as lighting, decor, music. Is the dining experience enhanced by the ambience of the surroundings?