Bollywood Junction 2017

Bollywood Junction Review – March 2017


A new restaurant, well it’s replaced the Dosa, not only that, it has a bar. The Mongoose beer was good, if you are a lager drinker, but at £5.50 a bottle (large one) it’s a bit steep.

Nicely decorated, lots of tables, mostly filled on the Friday evening that we visited. Always a good sign when you see a large Asian clientele.

Poppodoms were fine, dips were small so we asked for more.

We had three starters to share between six of us, this was more than enough to get us going. Bollywood Top Hits, Chicken 65 (tangy) and Lamb chops – superb.

For mains, one of us tried fish, very tasty. Those that had the lamb were a little dissappointed by the tenderness but all varieties were very tasty.

Service couldn’t have been better.


Summary – Highly recommended.

Common Curry – On the expensive side but not your regular common curry.

Certificate – **** Four star awarded

Other Comments


  • Very busy, lots of asian families. Very good atmosphere.
  • Excellent service. Manager was attentive and willing to discuss the food.
  • Bollywood Top Hits starter to share all good, also excellent lamb chops.
  • Lamb dishes were all tasty. Rogan Josh spicy with a light but hot sauce. Lal Maas, spicy. Aachari Gosht, very tasty but might be too much vinigar for some.


  • Lamb was not as tender as some places and was also variable with some chunks a bit chewy