The Don 2017

The Don Review – October 2017


Back at the Don after our last visit in August 2015. Had it changed? The menu seemed to contain more of the ‘old favorites than I remembered, but it was two years ago. A good choice and something a bit different available for those who want to try it.

The restaurant was quite busy when we arrived but by 22:00 there was only us and one other couple, in fact, the staff outnumbered the customers. Even so they still managed to make some errors on the order, chicken instead of lamb and vice versa. This was unforgivable given that there were only six of us. The management did, however, adjust the bill accordingly.

The Don is a nice place to visit, smart and friendly, we do hope it stays open and prospers.


Common Curry – Mid priced.

Certificate –  None awarded.

Web site –


Summary – We suggested to them they they should offer banquet nights and also offer them at a competitive price.

Other Comments


  • Very prompt service
  • Malai lamb starter, tender
  • Lamb chops, a little thin but generous portion and very nice
  • Onion bhajees are good
  • Tast main courses, in general, but nothing jumped out as special


  • Incorrect order
  • Menu colours difficult to read
  • No bottled Cobra
  • Music – pop for most of the night?
  • Lamb Madras, lots of gravy, poor
  • Keema Nan, luke warm on a cold plate