Jalori 2018

A long time since our last visit, for no particular reason. Very busy, clearly a popular, ‘old fashioned’ type of curry house. The manager still found time to come and greet us.

Nice warm pops with a good choice of dips, however, onions were poorly prepared and some of the spicy pops seemed under cooked.

Starters were generally a let down. Pura Salmon and its pepper was served burnt and was returned and removed from the bill. Also the Shami kebab was poor. The onion bhajees were large but only got slightly above average marks.

Mains were very good, all the lamb dishes were tender and tasty, the lamb methi (madras strength requested) and it certainly was, plenty of kick. The Laal Maas, however, had two chillis on the menu but was mush milder with a bit of a runny consistency.

The service started very well, the greeting, friendly staff, quick drinks and pops, but seemed to go downhill from there. I don’t think the waiter who took our order had ever written anything down from the menu before. A bit haphazard removal of plates and appearence of side plates after our starter? The restaurant became quite quiet by 21:30 but the service got slower, perhaps they relaxed too much after the rush.

A nice offer of an after meal drink was accepted and saw us on our way, over two hous after our arrival.

The Chairman/WebMaster

Common Curry – At the more expensive end.

Certificate –  None awarded.

Web site – www.jalori.co.uk


Summary – May well have done better on a different night, mains were good but badly let down by the starters on our visit. We should visit again without leaving it quite so long.

Other Comments


  • Nice greeting and end of meal drink
  • Pretty good location and decent atmosphere
  • Plates and food very hot and kept warm by table heaters
  • Rice was good but smallish portions
  • Good garlic Nan
  • Tender and tasty lamb dishes, very good Lamb Methi
  • Tawa Chicken very tasty, too much onion though


  • Poor starters overall
  • Poor keema Nan
  • A lot of rubbish in the corridor by the toilets
  • Service seemed to slide away as the evening progressed
  • Laal Maas – too much tomatoe, may have been the cause of the lack of two chilli spice