Cafe Balti 2018

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Pre drinks at the North Western, one of the decreasing number of traditional pubs, if ever there was one.

Nice greeting at the restaurant. Very quiet, only two other tables had customers.

Orders were taken from a comprehensive menu, some of our orders were not listed, but still provided from the chef and also dishes could be cooked to the strength of your liking. Because of this, service of both starter and main was a little slow. Too slow really considering the restaurant was so quiet.

All the starters were good except for the Saag Aloo Bora, try something different and you often pay the price.

All the mains were very good.

A couple of mistakes were made on our order, although this was corrected, it is unforgivable on a table of five on a quiet evening.

If the manager can put these small things right, our score would be quite a bit higher .


Common Curry – One of the best for value in MK.

Certificate –  A 3 star certificate awarded.

Web site –

Summary – Dont’ be put off giving the Cafe Balti a try, this amount of food on a banquet night, at the price and at this quality, is well worth a visit.

Other Comments


  • Pleasant, attentive service
  • An interesting menu, chefs specials make it difficult to choose
  • Mixed delight starter very good, tasty and spicy
  • Rashmi kebab (off menu order), could taste the omelette but meat a bit average
  • Nepali lamb, very tender, fork soft, lamb
  • Lovely lamb chom chom
  • South Indian chicken very good
  • All the rice and nans were good


  • Saag Aloo Boro – quite greasy and tasteless. Get this off the menu
  • Prawn puree just a bit too sweet
  • Okra was ‘stringy’
  • Onion Bhajee veggie, a little small and dry