Kardamom Lounge 2018

A busy restaurant on the Friday night we visited but only had to wait less than 5 minutes for our pre-booked table.

Very presentable and courteous staff who helped us out with the menu. Very quiet background music that dropped out now and again but was sorted later on.

The portion sizes were larger than average and the starters were very big.

The lamb main courses were very good – tender and moist. Some of the chicken dishes were too dry.

The Chairman

Common Curry – A bit on the pricy side.

Certificate –  None awarded.

Web site – http://www.kardamomlounge.co.uk/


Summary – Generally tasty if you chose wisely, some dishes were good but others, however, had no spice or heat.

Table heaters would be useful to avoid the food, especially the Nans, getting cold.

Other Comments


  • Excellent prawn puree
  • Naga lamb, very good – hot and tasty
  • Laptop special lamb, very good
  • Rice and veggies all good, excellent bhindi


  • The Nans were cold, all of them
  • Pops were average, had to ask for lime pickle
  • Some dishes not cleared before the starter arrived
  • Some of the fish starter a bit bland
  • Lamb Kofta very bland
  • Chilli Chicken was not Madras strength