Megna 2018

The main problem we had on our last visit was the slow service, this was corrected for this visit and all the staff were very attentive, helpful and clearly wanted to please.

It’s a good size restaurant but was barely a third full. They are currently offering a banquet choice every night of the week to encourage more customers. If this has stopped, still lookout as they have some good deals.

Lots of competition however, with Stony Stratford being so close. They do need to advertise themselves more due to the location being tucked away behind an housing estate.

Overall a good meal, decent quality and portions and good value.


Common Curry – Price of common curry hasn’t changed in the last two years – amazing.

Certificate –  None awarded.

Web site –


Summary – Worth a visit to make up your own mind.

Other Comments


  • Decent poppodums and plenty of dips
  • Plenty of prawns in the prawn puree
  • All of the lamb dishes were tender, Meat Manchorie very good hot spices
  • Excellent chicken methi
  • Good rice and Nans
  • Good vegtable side dishes, especially bhindi bhajee


  • Mint sauce with the poppodums a bit tasteless
  • Chicken Tikka toast, from the freezer and poor
  • Wrong order came for Rashmi Kebab, very apologetic and corrected
  • Lamb Pathia – sweet and sour was too sweet and sour
  • Lamb dhansak seemed too ‘lemoney’