Spice Village 2018

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Nice short walk from the Talbot around the corner in Loughton. Worth noting that this was a first for the club, as we visited on a Thursday banquet night.

We were greeted by the staff as though they were pleased to see us. Drink orders were taken quickly and the pops arrived soon after.

If you like your food spicy then ask them to spice it up a bit as, generally, it’s not too hot. This doesn’t, however, take away the fact that everything we had was very tasty.

Service was very good, unusually perhaps, a bit too quick. Plates were cleared once before someone had finished eating. Simply ask them to slow down if you wish, as they were very accomodating towards us.


Common Curry – Mid table, only a small increase from 2015.

Certificate –  A 3 star certificate awarded.

Web site – http://www.spicevillagemk.co.uk


Summary – This restaurant is very consistant and prices have remained stable while standards have increased. Definitely worth a visit, whether with a group or a partner.

Other Comments


  • Good surroundings, music and atmosphere
  • Pops and pickles were good
  • Special mixed platter starter very nice, lovely lamb
  • Good standard prawn puree
  • Captain Pathil chicken, not too hot but tasty, as were most of the main courses
  • Lamb Pathia, good spice and tender
  • Good portions for side veggies


  • Should not clear plates while a member is still eating their starter
  • Rice portions a little small, but ok for a banquet when you get one each