Bekash 2019

Rating: 1 out of 5.


Another well established restaurant, the second month running for us. The manager has been there for more than twenty years.

We were there on a Thursday night and intended to try the banquet, however, after a while we were told it was a different menu for the Kashmri banquet. Different it was as it was the most limited banquet menu we have seen and it was quickly dismissed.

It was a quiet night and although the staff were not rude they also seemed a bit indifferent to us being there. We don’t expect any special treatment but it is good to feel wanted. Perhaps the time has come for the Bekash to get some fresh input to help raise their overall standard.

As the scores suggest the whole evening was pretty average all round.


Common Curry – In the cheaper half of the table but not great value.

Certificate –  No certificate awarded.

Web site –


Summary – Needs to up its game to get more customers.

Other Comments


  • Prawn puri pretty good, why no salad though?
  • Onion bhaji starter was good
  • Good breads
  • Egg rice good
  • All mains were good without any being outstanding
  • Lamb madras, quite good but lots of sauce and not enough meat
  • Good sauce with Lamb Tikka masala


  • Menu confusion and limited banquet
  • Sticky toilet floor and dodgy taps
  • Waiter was sullen
  • Onoin bhaji side was overcooked
  • Pops were below average
  • Keema nan, the meat came out in a lump