Little India 2019

Rating: 4 out of 5.


This month was a long awaited return to Aspley Guise and Little India. We assembled at the Anchor pub and – amidst barking dogs – we managed to put the world to rights yet again.

The restaurant was busy. For those who don’t know, little India is shared with the Blue Orchid which is a Thai restaurant, so it’s not unusual to see Thai waitresses in their pretty dresses in the “Indian” side.

We were greeted pleasantly and offered menus. We ordered popadums and they arrived at a good pace. They were nice and crisp and the pickle tray, although limited to 4 things, was tasty. After the starters and mains were ordered it was once again an acceptable time until they arrived allowing us to sort out the things we never got around to in the pub. Most of the group had prawn purée which was quite spicy and the bread a little thick. The prawns were good and fresh and not the little ones you often get. One of us had a rashmi kebab and they said it was as close to top marks as they’d ever had! High praise indeed. A varied main course arrived in due course: there was a Kaat Massala which was very tasty; a Laal Mas which was excellent; a Lamb Methi Madras which was completely unlike any had before. Yes, it had the madras spice strength and the lamb was tender, but it did not taste or smell of methi, and, although it was not unpleasant, it was hard to determine what it did taste like. This was the same for the Chicken Methi that was ordered (and both dishes even looked different!). There was also a Lamb Dansak which was not the best although with tender lamb, but a distinct lack of lentils to be seen.


Common Curry – At the pricy end of the scale.

Certificate –  A 4 star certificate awarded.

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Summary – A fine dining experience, therefore you expect to pay a bit more.

Other Comments


  • Very busy restaurant.
  • Expensive prawn puree, but great if you like the good size prawns, very spicy
  • Rashmi kebab very good
  • Kaat Masala, hot, but not too hot
  • Main portions were large
  • Rice had good flavour
  • Nans and veggies good


  • Think they may have forgot one of our orders, chicken methi, not like a methi at all?
  • Lamb methi madras, couldn’t taste the methi
  • Good atmosphere, but you get can the same quality food will cost less elsewhere, guess it’s the Aspley Guise factor
  • All sauces were quite thick, tasty but not usual