Maaya 2019

Rating: 5 out of 5.


On the ‘Chefs table’ again, great spot. There is a different menu available but we stuck to the regular one.

Very good, attentive service.

We went for the sharing starters we gave a good variation of choice – all very good.

The sharing Naan also – beware, it will feed 4/5 of you.

We were treated to an extra plate of poppodum rice, nice touch.


Common Curry – No common curry here so best endeavours to give a realistic price. Certainly at the more expensive end of the table.

Certificate –  A 5 star certificate awarded.

Web site –


Summary – The table doesn’t lie, nothing better in MK if you have the budget.

Other Comments


  • Vegatable and seafood shring platters superb
  • Lamb Dhansah, very tender
  • Palak Murgh, lovely
  • Lall Maas, very good, quite a bit of chilli
  • Railway curry good
  • Naan bread very good


  • Onion bhajis were a bit variable from starter to side order