Namji 2019

Namji Review – September 2019

Rating: 4 out of 5.


The first visit to the Namji for the club, tucked away on the square in Wolverton.

We visited on a Thursday night, but no banquets here, so it was fairly quiet. We were assured that it’s full on Friday and Saturday, it’s quite small, so make sure you book if you want to go at those times. In fact, it’s like someones living room and the atmosphere is very much like a family occasion.

Be aware that this is a no alcohol and a cash only restaurant, take your own alcohol if you need to, along with an adequate amount of cash.

We got a very nice greeting and the specials and menu were explained fully to us. The service was very good, all cooked to order, and the lady in charge continually joked with us and made sure we were satisfied. After a while, however, it was maybe a bit too attentive for our liking.

Note that all the starters and veggies will be more expensive than you may be used to, this restaurant becomes the most expensive in MK, even with a modest amount added onto the common curry for a Cobra. We got free poppadoms though, but the dips were limited.


Common Curry – Expensive but well worth a treat.

Certificate –  A 4 star certificate awarded.

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Summary – A very nice comfortable and homely place to visit.

Other Comments


  • Fish Pakora, crispy and soft middle, great
  • Chicken spring roll, not Chinese, very tasty
  • Lovely fresh paneer
  • Potato pakora, large portion
  • Rice very good, large portions
  • Sag Ghost, very smooth and tasty
  • Kahari Lamb, madras hot, tender and tasty
  • Dad’s lamb cauliflower, top stuff
  • Methi chicken, superb, more chicken would have been nice


  • Nan, cooked differently, didn’t suit some us but some preferred it
  • Only one toilet, but nice and clean