Sands Brasserie 2019

Rating: 3 out of 5.


A new restaurant for us, at least an old restaurant that’s had a makeover. The Sands has retained none of the problems previously encountered with the Woburn Fort. It’s bright and well decorated, service is friendly and the food is better quality.

It’s the same room, so therefore remains a litle small, 32 covers, but this can make it more intimate and gives it a cozy feeling. After all, you are clearly sitting in what was, once upon a time, someones lounge/front room, with tight, steep stairs up to the restrooms.

Our table was ready for us at 8 o’clock as booked, a slightly earlier time for us from now on, but the starters did not arrive until nearly 9 o’clock. Although not in a rush, this is too long to wait, even with poppodums to nibble on.

Some of the members asked for their dish to be spiced up a bit more than the menu indicated. This was certainly done, a few warm faces ensued but everyone enjoyed the extra kick.


Common Curry – A little more expensive than the MK average.

Certificate –  A 3 star certificate awarded.

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Summary – A vast improvement over the last few years, give it a try if you are in the area.

Other Comments


  • Nice bright decor on entry
  • A little tight, but comfortable seating. It felt homely
  • Flavoursome prawn puree
  • Tender and tasty Lamb Chops, just slightly fatty
  • Lamb Pathia – Madras, did what it said on the tin
  • Lamb Bangla Naga, very good lamb
  • Chicken Methe very good
  • Special rice very good
  • Fresh Nan
  • Good vegetable sides


  • Seating may feel a little too cramped for some
  • Some of the plain pops a little soft in places
  • Prawn puree, puree perhaps a little too thick
  • Wobbly tap in restroom and hand dryer very ineffective
  • Slow clearing the popodum plates. Plenty of staff and not that busy.