The Grange 2019

Rating: 3 out of 5.


It’s been a while since we visited the Grange. Over this time the restaurant has become very popular. The manager tells us that business is good and it’s obvious to see with a full restaurant, even on a Tuesday night.

Of course, with the lapse in time, prices have gone up, but this is more to do with supply and demand. For example, the banquet is £13 and nearly all dishes have gone up by at least a pound along with the fact that the side vegatables are quite small. Having said that, you get five courses and we still took a couple of ‘doggy’ bags away with us.

For the menu it provides it delivers it very well.

The Grange have clearly found a formula and have managed to hold onto it for the last two or three years. They cover a large catchment area and are providing a good service and good food. Good luck to them and hopefully they can keep it going with their regular customers that they must now have built up.


Common Curry – Slipped slightly to the more expensive end because of its popularity, but still good value.

Certificate –  A 3 star certificate awarded.

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Summary – Well worth a visit, as a group or with your partner.

Other Comments


  • Service attentive, nice round table, friendly manager
  • Good atmosphere, busy restauarant with quite loud authentic music
  • Crab puree, unusual and good albeit a bit ‘pasty’
  • Mixed starter, onion bhajee and samosa good, tikka and kebab only average though
  • Tawa ghost, very hot, fabulous
  • Tikka lamb in Laal Mas well cooked. Very hot, maybe too hot
  • Hari Hari lamb, fork tender
  • Chicken Methi, super, can really taste the fenugreek


  • Rashmi kebab, cinnamon, not good
  • Bhindi bhajee, too sweet and a small portion
  • Keema nan short on meat
  • Saag aloo, a little short on potatoe