Eastern Paradise 2020

Eastern Paradise Review – January 2020

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Starting off at our favourite choice of pub in Stony, the Old George, good atmosphere and choice of beers. We left just as the evening entertainment had finished setting up with a short walk up the high street to this evenings venue.

Stony is the new location of the Eastern Paradise after its move from Wolverton. Table was booked for 8:15 but they were happy to accommodate us arriving 10 minutes early. There were two other large groups seated but, apart from us, there was little sign of many couples or any Asian clientele.

The drinks order was taken promptly and the pops and dips arrived quickly. This set the tone for the service which was excellent throughout the evening. Pops don’t really get much better than this, especially as the dips were good and refreshed without us having to ask.

We went for the “weekend” banquet at £15.95, something we havn’t come across before. There was no reduction in quality but a small reduction in choice. Generally speaking all the food was good and the portions a generous size, although the special wasn’t so good, especially considering the additional cost. This was born out when a couple of good size ‘doggy bags’ came home with us.


Common Curry – Very good value.

Certificate –  A 3 star certificate awarded.

Web site –   http://www.easternparadise.co.uk/


Summary – Very good value and service, well worth a visit.

Other Comments


  • Pleasantly decorated, very warm on a cool evening
  • Service excellent, welcoming, attentive and pleased to serve us
  • Tasty and attractive pops and dips
  • Excellent nan breads
  • Nice prawn puree, good size although prawns needed a bit more flavour
  • Good rice and vegetable sides
  • Very nice Lahon Lamb, well presented and quite hot
  • Very good Rajistani Laal Mas, right heat
  • Very good chicken Methi


  • Strange taste to the Rashmi (2 burger) kebab
  • Lamb chops were bland, not much flavour
  • Lamb special was a poor choice, no flavour